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Full Speed Plumbing & Drains offers professional plumbing repair and installation services for homeowners in Big Lake, Washington and the surrounding areas. To get started, give us a call at or request your service online today.

When you don’t want your home looking like the lake we were named after, trust our plumbing services to reduce leaks, backflow, water damage, and more!

Big Lake is one census-designated place within the Washington Metropolitan Statistical Area. We have the largest lake in Skagit County, spanning 520 acres and giving us our name. Enjoy beautiful scenery, wildlife habitats, and recreational activities like fishing.

The lake is beautiful, but you don’t want one inside your home. That’s why you may need plumbing services in Big Lake, WA. At Full Speed Plumbing, our licensed and insured plumbers understand it just takes one cracked slab, clog, or punctured pipe for water to flow into and around your house. Worst yet, it can happen at any time, even with annual plumbing maintenance, so we’ll explain when to call for services and what to expect from us.

What Happens During Plumbing Maintenance?

During annual plumbing maintenance in Big Lake, WA, a qualified plumber inspects water fixtures, from toilets and sinks to washing machines and dishwashers, for leaks, worn parts, and outdated components. More importantly, they snake an inspection camera through the pipes to check for corrosion, sediment buildup, minor clogs, and punctures caused by burrowing animals or tree roots.

After conducting a pressure test to uncover cracks and holes, our team provides a drain cleaning to keep your plumbing system working properly.

What Causes Plumbing Issues And How Can We Help?

Unfortunately, plumbing problems still arise, even with regular maintenance and when following proper disposal rules. The most evident sign of concern is water pooling within your shower or sink. While clearing the drain hair or plunging usually relieves the issue, you may need a professional’s touch.

Our team will try plunging, but if the clog refuses to budge, we’ll conduct the following drain cleaning plumbing services in Big Lake, WA:

  • Pour a mild cleanser mix down the drain to break up clogs (we’ll ensure it doesn’t have hydrochloric acid, which erodes pipes prematurely)
  • Crank a snake through the pipes to grind up the clog or, if it’s difficult to separate and flush, use the hook at the end to bring it back up the drain
  • Hydro-jet pressurized water into the pipes to clear slow-moving sewage lines or clogged pipes and flush out sediment buildup along the walls

Other Causes Of Plumbing Concerns

Punctured pipes are also common, frequently occurring if your system is weak from improper care or old age. Tree roots looking for moisture and animals that appreciate the dark passageways easily burrow into the system, reducing water pressure and increasing bills as water constantly runs to refill the pipes.

Just as the local health departments and environmental organization groups in Big Lake monitor the algae growth from nutrient runoff, residents and business owners should monitor problems and keep their household water quality clean.

Plumbing Repair Signs

You’ll know you need plumbing repair in Big Lake, WA, if clogs or leaks draw your attention to the following:

  • Water damage or stains because of a broken pipe
  • A musty odor from fungal growth
  • The sound of rushing water, even when your system’s not in use
  • Higher water bills
  • A swampy yard or flooding basement if a cracked concrete slab allows water to rush to the surface

Even without a leak, you may also notice off-colored or unusual-tasting water, limited hot water, or sewage odors coming from the drain. Our professionals can assess your system, find the source of the problem, and provide you with timely repair services.

What Other Plumbing Services Do We Offer?

Alongside cleaning your pipes, we offer repairs and replacements for all water appliances like sinks, shower heads, toilets, and more. Usually, a leak from the faucet, handles, or appliance base indicates a faulty part, like a broken P-trap. Repair services keep your plumbing intact, but if a replacement is best, we’ll let you know. We also service:

  • Water heaters that supply warm water to washing machines, showers, and radiators
  • Water lines that keep water flowing from the main line
  • Sump pumps since Big Lake has a high flood risk within the next 30 years
  • Filtration systems that further reduce contaminants in Big Lake’s soft water

Contact Your Neighborhood Plumbing Team

While other plumbing companies try to fix what isn’t broken or upsell you on what you don’t need, our Full Speed Plumbing team values honesty and integrity. So when you need 24/7 emergency plumbing services in Big Lake, WA, request five-star assistance from us. Call 360-610-7901 today!

For on-time plumbing services in Big Lake, WA. Call Full Speed Plumbing. We’re here for all your emergency plumbing repairs and installations. To get started, call .

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