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Priority Scheduling

Priority Scheduling

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Premium Discount

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Evalulation fee waived

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Peace of Mind Plumbing Inspection

Peace of Mind Inspection

Performed twice yearly

Peace of Mind Plumbing Inspection

Annual water heater flush

Keep your water warm

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What Work is Performed?

Annual Water Heater Flush

Tank- Type Water Heaters

$287 Value

Inspection and Flush Includes:

  • Temperature & Pressure Relief Valves
  • Burners on Gas Water Heaters
  • Drain & Flush your tank-type water heater(s) once a year (up to two water heaters)
  • Identify leaks or corrosion
  • Exhaust pipe condition
  • Water heater compliance stickers

Tankless Water Heaters

$514 Value

Full tankless maintenance for tankless water heaters once a year at $345 per unit includes:

  • Descaling the tankless for 1 hour
  • Blow debris from the unit(s)
  • Check manifold pressures
  • Remove & clean out the screens
  • Clean all components (Fan, motor, etc.)
  • Check internal parts for corrosion

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