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4 Ways to Make Your Tap Water Taste Better

Published on November 3, 2023
Written by kristinia

We’ve all been there – you fill your glass with tap water, take a sip, and the taste doesn’t hit the mark. 

Well, worry no more! We’re here to help you transform your regular tap water into a delightful thirst quencher. After all, staying hydrated shouldn’t feel like a chore. It’s important to remember that enjoying the taste of tap water significantly adds to your daily hydration routine. It not only quenches your thirst but also contributes to your overall well-being. 

And who better to guide you in your hydration journey than your reliable partner, Full Speed Plumbing

So, let’s dive right into the simple yet effective ways to enhance the flavor of your tap water. Stick around to the end for more helpful tips from Full Speed Plumbing. Let’s make every sip count!

The Basics of Tap Water

Before we explore how to improve the taste of tap water, let’s first understand its composition. Tap water is composed primarily of H2O but may contain minerals like calcium, magnesium, and potassium, which contribute a unique taste profile for each region’s tap water supply. You may even detect some chlorine due to water disinfection processes in certain locations.

The Health Significance of Tap Water

Tap water is more than just a thirst quencher. It plays a critical role in our overall health. Regular water consumption aids digestion, enhances skin health, regulates body temperature, and even boosts brain function. The minerals present in tap water can contribute to your daily nutrient requirements, supporting bone health, cardiovascular function, and more. 

Improve the Taste of Your Tap Water with These Nifty Tips

Tired of drinking the same old tap water? You can drastically improve the flavor by using these tips:

#1 — Activated Carbon Filters

First up on our list is the widely popular Activated Carbon Filters. These filters work wonders in improving the taste and odor of your tap water. They function by attracting and absorbing impurities from the water, thanks to their porous nature. 

Doing this effectively eliminates chlorine, sediment, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), and certain parasites from your tap water and makes it taste better overall! Remember, it’s all about improving its flavor!

#2 — Reverse Osmosis Filters

Reverse Osmosis Filters provide another method of water purification that stands out, known for removing more contaminants than any other filter available today.

Reverse Osmosis filters water through a semipermeable membrane, effectively trapping and filtering out impurities like fluoride, lead, pesticides, and more to improve its flavor and overall taste. Reverse Osmosis can drastically enhance tap water by filtering out contaminants like fluoride, lead, and pesticides from your drinking supply.

#3 — UV Filters

UV Filters have emerged as an innovative solution for water treatment. This technology uses ultraviolet light to kill harmful pathogens such as bacteria and viruses in your water without altering its flavor, taste, or color – an attractive feature if your priority is eliminating microbial contamination rather than aesthetic concerns.

Contact an experienced plumber, like one of our team members at Full Speed Plumbing, to learn more about the benefits of UV filters.

#4 — Infuse Your Tap Water for a Natural Flavor Boost

In addition to filters, infusion is another fantastic way to enhance your tap water’s taste. Infusing your tap water with fruits, herbs, or even spices improves the flavor and adds a dose of natural nutrients. You get a refreshing drink that’s a delight to your taste buds and a source of antioxidants, vitamins, and other beneficial compounds straight from nature’s pantry. 

Here are some popular flavor combinations to try if you’re into experimenting with flavor chemistry:

  • Lemon and Mint
  • Cucumber and Basil
  • Strawberry and Kiwi
  • Ginger and Orange

With these natural infusions, your tap water becomes much more than just hydration—it’s a healthful, flavorful experience.

Storing Tap Water for Enhanced Taste and Odor

For a noticeable improvement in the taste and odor of your tap water, consider storing it in glass containers. This simple yet effective method works because glass is a neutral material that does not transfer any odor or taste into the water. 

The Risks of Storing Tap Water in Plastic or Metal Containers

While plastic and metal containers may be readily available and convenient, they may not be the best options for storing your tap water.

  • Plastic containers can transfer chemicals like BPA into the water over time, especially when exposed to heat. This not only affects the taste and smell of the water but may also pose potential health risks.
  • Metal containers can also alter the taste of your water, giving it a metallic hint. Moreover, specific metal containers may rust over time, releasing substances into the water that could affect the safety and taste.

All in all, to enjoy the best taste of your tap water, opt for glass containers for storage, and always prioritize cleanliness and the right storage conditions.

4 Ways to Make Your Tap Water Taste Better — Conclusion

Tap water offers more than meets the eye. Not only is it an essential hydration source, but it can lead to healthier lifestyle choices when taken and treated correctly.

Filtrate it or add natural flavoring, there are numerous strategies available to you for improving the taste and quality of tap water.

Be sure to store it properly, ideally in glass containers, to maintain freshness and taste. By following these tips and strategies, ordinary tap water can become a delicious beverage that supports overall well-being.

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