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8 Tips to Prepare Your Plumbing for Summer

Published on May 15, 2023
Written by Bo
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Summer in Mount Vernon, WA often means an increase in activity and guests around your home. It also means you’ll likely experience a jump in your water usage. Whether you’re doing more loads of laundry, running your sprinklers, or filling up an outdoor pool, you want to make sure you prepare your plumbing system.

At Full Speed Plumbing, we understand that many people don’t think about thoroughly checking all the different aspects of their plumbing before the warmer months arrive. In this blog, we describe how the following eight ways can keep your plumbing system clear and working smoothly all summer long.

  • Inspect Your Sump Pump
  • Service Your Hot Water Heater
  • Clean Your Gutters
  • Be Aware Of What You Put In Your Garbage Disposal
  • Check Your Sprinkler System
  • Inspect Hoses And Valves
  • Check Hose Bibs & Spigots
  • Check Your Washing Machine

Inspect Your Sump Pump

The Pacific Northwest is no stranger to frequent rain, which is why sump pump care is an essential part of plumbing maintenance in Mount Vernon, WA. If the weather forecast calls for a dry day, that’s the perfect time to test your sump pump to ensure it’s up to the task of keeping your home from flooding during a rainstorm.

To perform a DIY test, ensure your sump pump has power. Clear out any leaves or debris that may block the intake valves. Next, pour a bucket of water into the pump. If it’s working properly, it should turn on and start processing the water within 10 seconds. If it runs slower than that, you may need to look at calling a Full Speed professional for plumbing maintenance or repair in Skagit County, WA.

Service Your Hot Water Heater

Many people don’t know that they need to drain and inspect their hot water heater periodically. Over time, the buildup of sediment and other debris in your water heater may reduce the efficiency of the unit and increase your energy bills.

Summer is the perfect time to drain and inspect your water heater, as there’s no risk of freezing. Additionally, if you do need to schedule an appointment for plumbing maintenance or repair in Alger, WA, you may get your water heater serviced more quickly due to less demand for water heater fixes in the warmer months.

Clean Your Gutters

While gutter cleaning may not seem like a plumbing issue, clogged gutters may potentially cause drainage problems and flooding. Leaves, branches, twigs, or other tree debris may jam your gutters and keep them from doing their job properly. Clogged gutters and downspouts keep water from moving away from your home, causing flooding, standing water, or damage to the siding and structure of your home.

Be Aware Of What You Put In Your Garbage Disposal

Entertaining friends in the summer means more wear and tear on your garbage disposal. Skin from prepping fresh fruits and vegetables often gets caught in the disposal and causes it to seize up. Well-meaning cleanup helpers may put greasy or large pieces of food or bones in the disposal, also causing blockages. Make sure you have large, clearly marked garbage cans, and let guests know not to overuse the garbage disposal.

Another way to help prevent plumbing problems in the summer is by scheduling professional drain cleaning. While you may think treatment with household drain cleaners is enough, be aware that chemical drain cleaners damage your pipes.

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Check Your Sprinkler System

As you turn on your sprinkler system for the summer, it is important to make sure it’s working properly. Ensure all sprinkler heads pop up as they should and that they’re clean and free of clogs. Look for leaks or spots with too much or too little water. If you discover a problem with your sprinkler system needing a fix beyond your expertise, it’s time to call in professional plumbing repair or maintenance in Sedro-Wooley, WA.

Inspect Hoses & Valves

Due to summer not posing a risk for frozen pipes, sometimes we don’t give old valves or loose hoses much thought. However, if you have a loose hose or faulty connection, you run the risk of flooding. Check each hose, inside your home and out, and make sure they’re fitted tightly. Go through your home and turn all your valves on and off, including your water main and toilet valves. We encourage homeowners to check and make sure each is easy to turn and free of leaks. If you discover a loose hose or faulty valve, make an appointment for plumbing repair in Mount Vernon, WA.

Check Hose Bibs & Spigots

Inspect your outdoor faucets to make sure they turn on and off easily and aren’t rusty or worn out. Hose bibs (faucets that attach to hoses) and spigots (faucets that attach to pipes) experience various weather conditions all year long, so it’s essential to ensure they’re in good condition.

Check Your Washing Machine

Laundry never seems to end, especially during the summer when active people spend time outdoors getting dirty and sweaty. Before excess clothing and grime take over your laundry routine, inspect your washing machine to make sure it’s working at peak efficiency. Ensure that the hose is in good condition and attached tightly to the water supply, and repair or replace any damaged parts.

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